Support / FAQs

Below you will find a list of commonly asked questions.  Please feel free to use the form to ask any questions you do not see in our list of FAQ’s.

How do I pair my QF-1 quadcopter with a different Mimix controller?
  • Unplug the battery for the QF-1.  Power on the Mimix.
  • Hold down the blue button on the bottom of the Mimix until the LED is flashing white.
  • Position the Mimix within 1 meter of the QF-1 to which you want to pair.
  • Plug in the battery for the QF-1.
  • The LED on the QF-1 will turn a solid team color and Mimix will match that color and begin pulsing.

This indicates pairing was successful.

How do I change the canopy on my QF-1?

The canopy simply snaps on and off for easy replacement.

  • Gently pinch and pull outward on the canopy near the motor to release the canopy from it’s catch.
  • Carefully lift the canopy off the frame.

Spare canopies, batteries and rotors will be available at your retailer or online at our online store which will be coming soon.

How do I replace the rotors on my QF-1?

While they may look the same, there are two kinds of rotors on the QF-1. One rotates clockwise and the other rotates counter clockwise.

  • Look for the “X” and the “O” on the end of the rotor shaft and on the underside of the arm on the QF-1.
  • Always match the “X” and the “O” on the arm with the “X” and the “O” on the rotor.
  • After you have the correct rotor simply pull the old rotor off and carefully push on a new rotor being careful not to bend the motor shaft or push too hard to damage the motor.
How long will the Power Cell last?

When new and fully charged, the QF-1 replaceable Power Cell will last 6-8 minutes depending on how aggressively you fly. The Mimix internal battery will last 2-3 hours before it needs to be recharged. The QF-1 replaceable Power Cell may take up to 90 minutes to recharge completely. The Mimix may take up to 60 minutes.

Either battery can be operated safely after a partial charge.  The QF-1 replaceable Power Cell will be about 90% charged after 70 minutes.

Consider buying additional QF-1 replaceable Power Cells and chargers so you can always have one charged and ready for action from our online store which will be coming soon.

When do I need to recharge the battery?

When the replaceable battery is getting low you will see the QF-1 flashing quickly and hear a warning tone from the Mimix. Land quickly or the QF-1 will enter it’s pre-programmed landing and shutdown sequence.

When the Mimix internal battery is getting low you will hear a different warning tone from the Mimix.

How do I know I'm shooting and scoring?

Your Mimix will flash white and you will hear a shooting sound when you pull the trigger. When you hit an opponent, their QF-1 and Mimix will flash your team color and they will hear an explosion.

Remember, you must be on a different team from your opponent (no friendly fire) and you need to be above and pointed at them to score!  After 3 hits the damaged QF-1 will be forced to land for 10 seconds before being allowed to re-enter the game.