About Us

Based in Minneapolis, QFO Labs is a startup company dedicated to creating new high tech gaming concepts. Our current three-person team of Jim Fairman, Brad Pedersen and John Condon have over 50 years experience turning new ideas into successful products like medical devices, architectural tools and military unmanned aerial vehicles.

Jim has already built two successful startups and brings extensive management and operational experience to the team. Brad is a nationally recognized patent attorney who provides the intellectual property strategy, fund raising connections and future vision. And, John is a talented engineer and entrepreneur from the UAV field, who left a senior engineering position at Lockheed to join the team.

The QFO Labs team is currently focused on the consumer market to fill the gap in high-quality yet affordable and fun toys. Throughout the product design process for the Quad Fighter and Mimix products, QFO Labs has focused on the user experience both out of the box and over the long term.

We see the Quad Fighter and Mimix products as just the beginning. Over time, we plan to introduce a series of products for real-life 3D gaming.